Preserving our past for our future

The Naturopathic Medical Legacy Project was founded in memoriam of Dr. Anton Ingard, DC, ND, to acquire, transfer, and archive Naturopathic Medical wisdom and knowledge from Naturopathic Elders, particularly in the modalities of hands-on and near hands-on therapies.

Dr. Anton Ingard Naturopathic Legacy Project
Dr. Anton Ingard, DC ND

Beginning in 2013, in order to facilitate the sharing and transfer of Elder knowledge to younger generations of NDs, the Naturopathic Legacy Project has organized and held experiential hands-on therapy seminars taught by Naturopathic Elders. These seminars were recorded, and have been made available for viewing online by NDs and ND students as a resource.

The NLP also has a collection of short interviews about each ND’s career in their practice of naturopathic medicine. It is our mission to create a community for online learning from the art and experience of our Elders to grow the future of naturopathic medicine.

Our Work

Teachings and CE


Naturopathic medicine draws its approaches from many medical traditions and techniques. Elders who have honed these skills and teachings are invited to host workshops to “light another candle” and pass on their knowledge.

NLP has hosted over 14 in-person workshops which have been recorded and indexed for our members to learn from instantly.

Interviews and Community


Our Elders all have a unique story and teachings to share. It is our goal to preserve as much Elder knowledge as possible, even if it’s learning their unique approach to naturopathic medicine.

The NLP’s Elder Practice Interview series asks a series of questions to Elders to inspire the future of naturopathic medicine and shape naturopathic philosophy.

Cataloging Elder Knowledge


Naturopathic Legacy Project’s mission is to codify Naturopathic Elder knowledge that can be in the form of:

  • hands on techniques
  • books and print material
  • interviews
  • skills and modalities
  • philosophies and integrations

Our bequeathments program allows Elders and their families to pass on Naturopathic Elder teachings to future generations.