Lymphatic and Soft Tissue Techniques

The lymphatic system and soft tissue are readily subject to change and remodeling in response to the body’s environment. Trauma, inflammation, injury, and changes in function can be assessed through these structures.

In this course, Dr. Verna Hunt,BSc(Kin) DC ND teaches techniques of assessment and treatment of the lymphatic system, soft tissue, and connective tissue.

Learning Objectives

  • Assessing the lymphatic system
  • Activating the lymphatic system
  • Assessing soft tissue and visceral organs
  • Visceral treatment techniques
  • Diaphragm and deep muscle assessment and treatment
  • Middle ear and sinus assessment and treatment

About the Elder – Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND

Dr. Verna Hunt, ND has been practicing as a chiropractic and naturopathic doctor for over 41 years. She owns and operates the Center for Health and Well Being established in 2005. Dr. Hunt has developed a healthcare process focusing on health optimization for the individual: The Health and Well -Being Partnership. She uses many therapeutic modalities and techniques to customize her patient’s protocol for their evolving health. 

Dr. Hunt acts as a medical advisor to colleagues and companies which service holistic healthcare. Dr. Hunt writes and teaches, presenting through her organization Being Well Communications on a wide variety of topics including manual assessment and treatment. 

Dr. Hunt founded The Naturopathic Legacy Project in 2013 to save elder knowledge for future generations.

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